Dear Halos for Angels:
Thank you so much for all of your generosity. We can not thank you enough for the huge difference you have made for our family. Thank you so much for the incredibly generous gifts of food, stuffed animals for the kids, the gift card and the dryer. We are really in awe of the generosity of Halos for Angels. We also want to thank Karen for all of the support she has given us by talking with me many times on the phone allowing me to vent my concerns and difficulties we have been going through and gave me words of wisdom and inspiration. She also brought joy to our family by coming to visit us. I know our kids really enjoyed the attention she gave them. She really gave me a shoulder to lean on. We also want to thank her and everyone involved in the leg work to help us. I dont know what we would have done without your help. We would still be lugging one hundred pounds of wet laundry to the laundrymat in chronic pain. Your help has been such a blessing to us. We thank God there are people like you and the people who have donated to help us in this time of need. Thank you thank you thank you. Sorry we didnt write sooner as we have been dealing with our medical issues.
Christine Jack and kiddies